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Integrating livestock feeds and production systems into agricultural multi-market models: The example of IMPACT

Posted by on 2021-12-23

The various ways in which livestock production systems can be incorporated into economic, partial-equilibrium, multi-market models are presented, and the challenges outlined. A particular focus and illustrative case is livestock feed. Foremost among the challenges is the reconciliation of scientific understanding of livestock feed requirements and production characteristics with the…

Mapping the economic benefits to livestock keepers from intervening against bovine trypanosomosis in Eastern Africa

Posted by on 2021-12-23

Endemic animal diseases such as tsetse-transmitted trypanosomosis are a constant drain on the financial resources of African livestock keepers and on the productivity of their livestock. Knowing where the potential benefits of removing animal trypanosomosis are distributed geographically would provide crucial evidence for prioritising and targeting cost-effective interventions as well…

Current and future trade in livestock products

Posted by on 2021-12-23

Rising per capita consumption, economic growth, and urbanisation, particularly in developing countries, have been driving an increased global demand for food. These changing socio-economic trends, which have greatly influenced changes in dietary patterns globally and, more specifically, have increased consumption of livestock products in developing countries, are expected to endure…

Options for the livestock sector in developing and emerging economies to 2030 and beyond

Posted by on 2021-12-23

This paper focuses on emerging and developing nations. It argues that making use of the great diversity of livestock systems along with “enablers for transformation” creates opportunities to translate today’s rapid growth in demand for livestock-derived foods into rapid progress in sustainable and equitable development. We recognize that while most…

Livestock Futures to 2020: How Will They Shape Food, Environmental, Health, and Global Security?

Posted by on 2021-12-23

Livestock production is one of the main human activities. As incomes grow in middle and even low income countries, demand for livestock products is booming, with important benefits and risks for food security, human welfare, and global security. Positively, livestock are sources of income, savings, food, fuel, and transport for…


The Future of Animal Source Food: Rising demands in Africa

Posted by Margarita Ramirez on 2021-12-20

As the population grows in Africa, animal products are in high demand. By 2050, meat demand is expected to quadruple, milk demand triple, and fish demand to increase by 30%. On the production side, poultry represents the frontrunner in West Africa. East Africa, traditionally the largest consumer of milk, is…