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Historical trajectories and prospective scenarios for collective land tenure reforms in community forest areas in Colombia

Posted by on 2021-12-23

Collective land tenure in Colombia has been a constitutional right since 1991. It is therefore protected with the highest possible status, as it is defined as a fundamental right of indigenous and Afro-Colombian peoples. This condition has contributed to the creation of legal instruments and public policy arrangements to help…

Future Scenarios as a Tool for Collaboration in Forest Communities

Posted by on 2021-12-23

“Forest devolution is meant to provide communities with greater decision-making power over the use and future of tropical forests. However, devolution policies have not always had the intended effect; in some cases they have caused or furthered the disenfranchisement of the poor, the creation of open access conditions, resource conflict…

Spatially explicit model of deforestation in Bolivia

Posted by on 2021-12-23

[No abstract available]…