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Modelling environmental and socio-economic trade-offs associated with land-sparing and land-sharing approaches to oil palm expansion

Posted by on 2021-12-23

The effectiveness of land-sharing and land-sparing approaches has been widely debated. Yet, few studies quantify the environmental and socio-economic outcomes of these approaches within a real-world landscape. Indonesia’s plans to increase its palm oil production present an opportunity to investigate the potential environmental and socio-economic implications of the land-sharing and…

Health and nutritional aspects of sustainable diet strategies and their association with environmental impacts: a global modelling analysis with country-level detail

Posted by on 2021-12-23

Summary Background Sustainable diets are intended to address the increasing health and environmental concerns related to food production and consumption. Although many candidates for sustainable diets have emerged, a consistent and joint environmental and health analysis of these diets has not been done at a regional level. Using an integrated…

The impact of organic farming on food security in a regional and global perspective.

Posted by on 2021-12-23

Abstract Following an overview of existing global food supply and security projections, this chapter examines under what circumstances and to what extent organic farming is a beneficial solution to food insecurity and low agricultural productivity. It also explores the possible consequences of a high percentage of organic farming in…

Food Security, Farming, and Climate Change to 2050: Scenarios, Results, Policy Options

Posted by on 2021-12-23

As the global population grows and incomes in poor countries rise, so too, will the demand for food, placing additional pressure on sustainable food production. Climate change adds a further challenge, as changes in temperature and precipitation threaten agricultural productivity and the capacity to feed the world’s population. This study…

Livestock Futures to 2020: How Will They Shape Food, Environmental, Health, and Global Security?

Posted by on 2021-12-23

Livestock production is one of the main human activities. As incomes grow in middle and even low income countries, demand for livestock products is booming, with important benefits and risks for food security, human welfare, and global security. Positively, livestock are sources of income, savings, food, fuel, and transport for…


The Future of Animal Source Food: Rising demands in Africa

Posted by Margarita Ramirez on 2021-12-20

As the population grows in Africa, animal products are in high demand. By 2050, meat demand is expected to quadruple, milk demand triple, and fish demand to increase by 30%. On the production side, poultry represents the frontrunner in West Africa. East Africa, traditionally the largest consumer of milk, is…


The Future of Cereals in Subsaharan Africa: Making more, better through sustainable intensification

Posted by Margarita Ramirez on 2021-12-20

Cereals account for 50% of the total calories and crop-land in SubSaharan Africa (SSA). Demand for cereals, including maize, wheat, millet, rice and sorghum, is expected to triple by 2050 as the population rapidly grows. To ensure future food security, yields must reach 80% of their potential, while they currently…