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The Future of Animal Source Food: Rising demands in Africa

Posted by Margarita Ramirez on 2021-12-20

As the population grows in Africa, animal products are in high demand. By 2050, meat demand is expected to quadruple, milk demand triple, and fish demand to increase by 30%. On the production side, poultry represents the frontrunner in West Africa. East Africa, traditionally the largest consumer of milk, is…


The Future of Sustainable Development and Agrobiodiversity: Essential for people and the planet

Posted by Margarita Ramirez on 2021-12-20

A sustainable future can’t happen without conserving biodiversity. Agrobiodiversity, likewise, is essential for resilient food systems and healthy people. Diversity in the field and in the landscape helps control pests, disease, and weather-related stress. Agrobiodiversity has emerged as a solution for food security and healthy diets for a growing population,…


The Future of Wood: A renewable resource overlooked in the search for sustainability?

Posted by Margarita Ramirez on 2021-12-20

Wood is the most versatile renewable material on earth. As we transition away from fossil fuels to slow climate change, woods deserve a closer look. Have you ever heard of “black liquor”? It’s a paper pulp byproduct that makes, not cocktails, but a great carbon-neutral fuel! Given the potential for…


The Future of Cereals in Subsaharan Africa: Making more, better through sustainable intensification

Posted by Margarita Ramirez on 2021-12-20

Cereals account for 50% of the total calories and crop-land in SubSaharan Africa (SSA). Demand for cereals, including maize, wheat, millet, rice and sorghum, is expected to triple by 2050 as the population rapidly grows. To ensure future food security, yields must reach 80% of their potential, while they currently…