About Foresight Portal

What is the purpose of the foresight portal

The foresight portal aims at enhancing the access, transparency and use of all types of foresight material in order to ensure that foresight models and results are available to be used by research organizations, government agencies or global development organizations as inputs to their priority-setting and decision-making regarding policies and investments in relation to the transformation of food, land and water systems.

A key element of the foresight portal is its dedication to community driven co-creation. The portal is hosted and maintained by the CGIAR Foresight Initiative.

Enhancing improved analysis by a wide range of members of the foresight community requires key material such as data and metrics, models and tools, and foresight related reports and publications to be readily accessible, transparent and, usable and reusable for improving decision making regarding the transformation of food, land and water systems.

How do we enhance uptake of foresight analysis for decision making?

The foresight portal offers information about key models and tools used by the foresight community. We provide descriptions of the models and tools, and where appropriate the links to model code and further information.

The foresight portal offers a gateway to key foresight related data and metrics. We tag the data and metrics with rich metadata in order to support the reuse of the data and metrics, where possible we provide tools and methods for making the data and metrics interoperable and reusable.

Foresight analysis has the potential to  enhance the understanding of the evolving context in which complex dynamic food, land, and water systems systems operate. Given the complexity of the issues, foresight analysis is generally a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary endeavor. This requires communication between and amongst experts and stakeholders. An important tool for enhancing communication is our community of practice. The foresight portal provides a discussion forum for the members of the community of practice of foresight to exchange knowledge, ideas and engage in discussions on foresight related matters.

Besides the community of practice and its discussion forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, the provision of training and other forms of capacity development are essential to ensure that foresight analysis and related activities can be done by a wide community. The foresight portal provides access to training and training material.

The foresight portal provides a light-weight helpdesk function.

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Access to CGIAR-wide capacity and community of practice.
Access to multiple disciplines, approaches, and tools.
Options for collaborative as well as separate activities.
Access to training and capacity development.
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Accessibility and transparency of models and tools and support with their use.
Foresight FLWS data and metrics
Findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable data and metrics.
Foresight FLWS resources
Access to foresight publications and other resources.