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Participatory modelling to improve partnership schemes for future Community-Based Forest Management in Sumbawa District, Indonesia

Posted by on 2021-12-23

As part of its Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) Programme, the local government of Sumbawa District in West Nusa Tenggara Province of Eastern Indonesia initiated a partnership programme between the Forestry District Agency and tree grower cooperatives in 2002. The partnership scheme aims to reduce illegal logging and forest encroachment on…

Future scenarios as an instrument for forest management: manual for training facilitators of future scenarios

Posted by on 2021-12-23

The purpose of this manual is to help trainers in future scenario better facilitate training workshops for field officers such as forestry managers, extension officers and researchers who are keen to facilitate future scenarios in their forest management projects. Future scenarios are a diverse and flexible set of methods that…

Climate Scenarios: What we need to know and how to generate them

Posted by on 2021-12-23

Climate change profoundly affects the natural and social environment. Decision-makers and resource managers require information regarding future changes in climate average and variability to better anticipate potential impacts of climate change. This book provides some overviews on the roles of climate scenarios in adaptation planning and what should be considered…

Imagining transformative futures: participatory foresight for food systems change

Posted by on 2021-12-23

Transformations inherently involve systems change and because of the political nature of change, are subject to contestation. A potentially effective strategy to further transformative change that builds on interdisciplinary, multiactor, and multiscale-practices and values is the use of foresight. Foresight covers a wide range of methods to systematically investigate the…

The International Model for Policy Analysis of Agricultural Commodities and Trade (IMPACT): Model description for version 3

Posted by on 2021-12-23

The International Food Policy Research Institute’s International Model for Policy Analysis of Agricultural Commodities and Trade (IMPACT) supports analysis of long-term challenges and opportunities for food, agriculture, and natural resources at global and regional scales. IMPACT is continually being updated and improved to better inform the choices that decisionmakers face…

Food Security, Farming, and Climate Change to 2050: Scenarios, Results, Policy Options

Posted by on 2021-12-23

As the global population grows and incomes in poor countries rise, so too, will the demand for food, placing additional pressure on sustainable food production. Climate change adds a further challenge, as changes in temperature and precipitation threaten agricultural productivity and the capacity to feed the world’s population. This study…