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Rural transformation and the future of cereal-based agri-food systems

Posted by on 2021-12-23

Rural transformation is an inevitable and fundamental process of development. However, the speed and dimensions of rural transformation can affect investments in major staples such as maize, wheat and rice, which continue to play an important role in agri-food systems around the globe. This paper investigates the impacts of rural…

Agricultural growth and sex-disaggregated employment in Africa: Future perspectives under different investment scenarios

Posted by on 2021-12-23

Literature is scanty on how public agricultural investments can help reducing the impact of future challenges such as climate change and population pressure on national economies. The objective of this study is to assess the medium and long-term effects of alternative agricultural research and development investment scenarios on male and…

Sentinel Landscapes initiative: Stocktake and baseline data analysis for future landscape management and monitoring in West Kalimantan

Posted by on 2021-12-23

This publication is part of the Sentinel Landscape network initiative established in eight sites around the world representative of widely different biophysical and socioeconomic contexts. Here we present and summarize the results of the research and baseline studies carried out in West Kalimantan, Borneo. Within the Kapuas Hulu regency, two…

Agricultural Development and Land Use Change in India: A Scenario Analysis of Trade-Offs Between UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Posted by on 2021-12-23

India has the second largest population in the world and is characterized by a broad diversity in climate, topography, flora, fauna, land use, and socioeconomic conditions. To help ensure food security in the future, agricultural systems will have to respond to global change drivers such as population growth, changing dietary…

Modelling the global economic consequences of a major African swine fever outbreak in China

Posted by on 2021-12-23

African swine fever is a deadly porcine disease that has spread into East Asia where it is having a detrimental effect on pork production. However, the implications of African swine fever on the global pork market are poorly explored. Two linked global economic models are used to explore the consequences…

Climate change and agricultural development

Posted by on 2021-12-23

Climate change will be a major driver of change in the agricultural sector in the coming decades, along with changes in population, income, urbanization, dietary preferences, and technology.1 Agriculture is unique among economic sectors in its dependence on temperature, precipitation, and other climate variables, and is thus unique in its…