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What do we know about the future of food, land, and water systems?

Challenges related to poverty, hunger, nutrition, health, and the environment are widespread and urgent. One way to stress the urgency of making the right decisions about the future of the global food systems now is to better understand and more clearly articulate the alternative scenarios that food systems face. Developing, synthesizing, and presenting such alternatives to decision makers in a clear way is the ultimate goal of e CGIAR Foresight team. No single source of information focuses regularly and systematically on the future of food and agriculture, and challenges facing developing countries. Our work aims to fill that gap with a focus on key impact areas.

The foresight synthesis briefs started as a series of working papers, produced as part of foresight-related research supported by the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM), and intended to provide a focused, forward-looking perspective on key issues to support discussion on food, land, and water systems transformation.

This is a special edition of the series, based on the cumulative experiences of the CGIAR Foresight Community of Practice and recent One CGIAR Initiative development activities. This version is shared for discussion and comment.

Exploring the Future of Food, Land, and Water Systems

Land and Water Systems: Looking to the future and a more resilient and sustainable society and environment

Foresight for income and employment: What can we learn for agricultural research for development

The Future of Food Security, Nutrition and Health for Agri-food Systems Transformation

Strategic Foresight in the One CGIAR: Gaps and Needs in Approaches and Capacity